Getting on Top

Quick!  Name a soft drink!

Which came to mind first…Coke? Pepsi?  Beverage giants have spent untold millions of dollars over the years to make certain that you think of their brand first.  That’s called “top of mind” advertising and it is the cornerstone of any good marketing plan.

Your business needs to be “top of mind” for one very simple reason:  a consumer may not need your goods or services today.  But tomorrow they will.  You want your company to be the one they think of first.

Here’s a few ideas on how to achieve “top of mind” status in your industry:

–  Advertise consistently.  One-time ads may create a few sales but do little to secure your place as the “go-to” business over the long term.

–  Be Provocative.   A clever image, a bold headline or even a  great offer in your ad can help you be remembered weeks or months later.

–  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Changing your ad message or look too often can create confusion in the mind of the consumer.

–  Be an Orange.  In a world full of apple to apple comparisons, be an orange.  Tell the world why you’re different than your competitors – and thus, better.