Synergy and the Silent Interview

We hear a lot about the importance of a great website these days.  While redesigning Loudmouth Media’s site, I was introduced to the term “the silent interview”.  To define it succinctly, a silent interview is conducted with your business every time someone lands on your home page.  You aren’t personally present for this interview and you don’t even know it is taking place.  A website visitor begins to immediately assess your capabilities, your professionalism and your expertise – all within the time it took you to read this paragraph.

But how do you get that silent interview?  Despite all the hype about search engine optimization (SEO), you still need to actively seek that interview with consumers.  Synergy between offline and online marketing is the missing link that many business owners miss.

I recently read the summary of a study conducted for a company called iProspect.  Some of the key bullets are worth noting:

“Offline channels have a clear influence in driving consumer to search the Internet for more information — 67% of online search users are driven to perform a search based on company name, product or service name, or slogan because of an offline message.”(SOURCE:  iProspect Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior Study.  Commissioned by, Inc. and conducted by JupiterResearch)

“Exposure to offline advertising results in online purchases – nearly 40% of online searchers influenced by offline channels ultimately make a purchase. This impressive conversion rate demonstrates the synergistic relationship between offline and online channels.” (SOURCE:  iProspect Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior Study.  Commissioned, Inc. and conducted by JupiterResearch)

And the study goes on to conclude, “With two-thirds of study respondents driven by offline messages to perform online searches for more information on a company, service, or product and for four out of ten of those respondents to then make a purchase, demonstrates the growing importance of integration and synergy between offline and online campaigns.”

A good marketing plan should contain multiple vehicles for carrying your branding and message.  The synergy between offline ads and online presence can be powerful if you design it correctly. Print advertising is uniquely qualified to help you create that synergy.