The April 2019 Issue of The Broomfielder™ is here!

It’s April 1st and that means the newest issue of The Broomfielder™ magazine is here!

Spring is air and in the spring, we clean! There is just something about opening the curtains and the windows and letting the air in, that makes you want to send a whole bunch of other stuff OUT! In this issue explore some ways to jumpstart your spring cleaning routine… Detoxify your home with natural cleaning alternatives, utilizing Broomfield’s spring cleanup program, organizing your kitchen to foster healthy eating habits, and decluttering and organizing kids’ spaces, just name a few. Plus, the Heart of Broomfield Awards, Broomfield Depot & Friends announce new speaker series, and local author Adam Makos releases new book, Spearhead!  Read the complete April 2019 issue online at